A Colorful Career Path

I’ve had more than nine lives because my career has taken me on an amazing journey of self-discovery. I started as a music journalist, then went on to run a talent and booking agency in Japan. Most noteworthy is that I introduced punk rock to the market. Afterward, I founded then sold the first digital travel publishing concern in Europe and ran the internet division of the European HQ of a worldwide ad agency. In between, I wrote a book and gave birth to my one and only love child.

Later on, I turned inwards to discover “small is best”. Born in NYC, I’ve been settled in Austin, Texas since 2011. Texas is my 6th country after decades of living abroad inJapan, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and The Netherlands.

I liken what I do to an architect. On the first floor I spot opportunity others miss by developing a sound strategic market plan. The 2nd floor leads to implementing operational + GTM concepts with just enough of a rebel spirit to stay ahead of the curve. The roof consists of external outreach including experiential events, promos, PR and methods of attraction.

My career is punctuated by global icons —BBDO, Kirin Beer, Capgemini, Billboard, Benihana and Cartus International— and surprising elements—parkour and punk rock.

Results of my methodical, yet unconventional, approach include:

✓ Helped Kirin Beer rise to #1 imported beer in U.S. bars with ahead-of-its-time immersive brand experience. Surpassed conventional ads by installing Japanese-style inns within Bloomingdale’s.

✓ Increased sales 20% in 3 months by negotiating a partnership with TV personality to bring workshops to Texas’ only parkour dedicated gym.

✓ Founded first B2C digital publisher, offering city travel guides on CD-ROM, inventing interactive per-click rate and system cost that became an Internet advertising norm.

✓ Led digital business for Capgemini Netherlands. Brought awareness of digital communications to ad industry in the Benelux region as Senior Digital Consultant.

✓ Published by 18, traveled with KISS on a press junket. Created a Japanese booking and talent agency, effectively launching careers of Elvis Costello, Billy Idol, Cheap Trick ⎯ introducing punk rock to Japan.

I’m known as a high EQ leader with deft analytical skills. I establish and build productive collaborations/teams. 

 When it comes to integrity, profitability and strategic partnerships, I roll up my sleeves.

Delivering profitable results through high-EQ relationship building, big-picture marketing strategy, detailed analysis, and best organizational practices.

A History of Firsts across industries; intersecting pioneering creativity with practical, step-by-step action.

> Raised $2M in venture capital by pre-selling 50K inaugural digital travel guides.

> Founded first content driven digital publishing company in Europe, Bopp Guides, offering travel guides on CD-ROM. I created the interactive per-click rate that became an Internet advertising norm.

> Led the Internet division for worldwide advertising agency BBDO in The Netherlands.

> Launched NGO, The Hope Tour, raising $1M to produce educational music videos; 90% of proceeds went to AIDS awareness group in South Africa. Put together the prestigious Board of Directors of Swiss notables.