Hi there! I’m Elise Krentzel, founder of elise krentzel consulting. I have fun making more money, impact and visibility for my clients.

Established in 2008, elise krentzel consulting is the culmination of my salt of the earth experiences in business as in life. I’m pretty adventurous, having lived in five countries on three continents. Courageous and committed, I’ve jumped in and built from scratch successful businesses in Japan, Switzerland and The Netherlands. I’m devoted to helping others achieve success by creating new channels and gaining an original edge in existing markets, no matter what country they’re located in.

I’m an open door when it comes to probabilities. Great ideas come about when I ask a whole lot of questions until an equally great strategy is found. Perhaps that’s because I began my career as a journalist and investigation comes naturally. I match ideas with concrete operational solutions delivering ongoing prosperity.  For 25+ years, I’ve built personalities into recognizable brands, leveraged pioneering startups with strategic partners, grandfathered an AIDS project in South Africa and developed household names for product companies.

How I Work

As a business architect every organization has a persona, every project a story.  I initialize operational strategies to get to the root of what that persona is and link the stories to the brand. Brand = mission + vision + messages. I develop Go-to-Market strategies to set my clients in the direction of their long term futures.

I build ongoing relationships with customers, end users and key stakeholders which leads to interactive dialogues. That leads to trust. Trust leads to listening. Listening leads to increased ROI. When you listen to your key customers and deliver compelling visual and written content that can be shaped into modern memories, you have a winning marketing strategy. I listen to my customers to deliver laser focused marketing strategies.

elise krentzel consulting transforms vision into innovation. It inspires others to monetize this innovation and find new ways to gain marketshare.

Creative Collaborations

Based in Austin, Texas with a New York City sensibility for getting things done, elise krentzel consulting culls from a pool of talented associates around the world in the fields of design (mechanical, industrial, product, logo, packaging and trade shows), visual (videographers, photographers), editorial (editors, bloggers, copywriters), developers (software, coders, firmware engineers) and everything in between.

elise krentzel consulting represents clients in fields that ignite the senses — consumer lifestyle and luxury goods, food/restaurant, non-profits and the arts.

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