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Teodora Pogonat is an award-winning, published fine art and portrait photographer. Born in Bucharest, Romania, and raised in Miami, she settled in Austin in 2000. Her photographic style is strongly influenced by the multi-cultural environment she grew up in, and from extensive domestic and international travel.

Public Relations + Strategic Channel Marketing

ekc was hired to craft the artist’s message besides fostering name recognition of her brand on a local and national level during the launch of her solo show, The Pink Parachute Project.

Targeted at local media and national gallerists, The Pink Parachute Project is an uplifting women’s empowerment image series. It explores women’s issues and strengths through symbolic environments. The photographer uses an actual 30 lb. pink 1967 British parachute throughout the series, to symbolize the struggles and gender issues women face throughout their lifetime. The images explore women’s uphill battles and strength when confronted with various disparities, even as they are expected to appear graceful, feminine, and owning their beauty.