Motzart's Coffee Roasters

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters – Holiday Light Show 2018 – PR

Mozart’s Holiday Light Show Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is an Austin institution located on Lady Bird Lake with a spectacular view serving coffee, hot chocolate, and desserts. Their annual light show features millions of LED lights and is free to the public.



The 9th Annual Holiday Light Show is known to most Austinites yet perhaps not to new arrivals.  Mozart’s aim was increase and garner new media coverage via TV, social media and local press – digital and print, while creating ongoing interest in the event throughout its two and a half month duration.



Crafted a series of 8 themed messages, some tied-to live activations on-site, we greatly increased attendance, in-store sales, viewer impressions, social shares, and coverage views. Mozart’s was featured on local TV for its original Holiday Light Show 2018.



We exceeded  Mozart’s goals through our media strategy resulting in over 25 local media outlets who covered the event. Social media participation reached record highs and attendance at the show overwhelmed previous years every night until it closed.