"The Future Whisperer"

Editorial Services

The book is based on the life experience of the only accredited teacher in the USA, Valerie Lemme, of Ti Caine’s Future Visioning self-help program. ekpr was selected amongst other contenders to advise on content revision and requested to handle copy editing for this 200+ page groundbreaking book.



When the manuscript was presented it was not in a finished stage. The author was still adding to the book while reviewing the content suggestions, revisions and edits. Keeping pace with the deadline to publish was significant.



Continue working on chunks of the book to meet the deadline



“The subject matter of my non-fiction book is highly specialized and challenging to get the complex concepts across to an audience who has never experienced the program we offer.

“I thought only another practitioner in my field would be able to edit such a manuscript. Yet Elise has worked miracles with the entire manuscript: from content clarification, revisions, suggestions, and line editing she is able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be added or removed. She expertly recommended changes that bring me and my co-author closer to the reader in ways I couldn’t have done on my own.

“I highly recommend working with Elise if you are a thought leader who is in need of an editor or ghostwriter. She understands marketing and how your book can best reach your intended audience. I have found her take on our ideas invaluable.”

Valerie Lemme, co-author of The Future Whisperer