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I’m Elise Krentzel, founder of ek Consulting. Let me tell you a little about who I am and how I do what I do.

Established in 2008, ek Consulting is the culmination of my salt of the earth experiences in business as in life.  I’ve lived in five countries on three continents. I’ve had fun building from scratch and selling successful startups in Japan, Switzerland and The Netherlands in the music, digital publishing and travel industries. I’ve devoted my life to helping others achieve success and fame by creating new markets and getting an edge in existing ones.

My mind is open mind to all probabilities with child like innocence. Great ideas come about mysteriously. I follow the questions until an equally great solution is found. When you match  ideas with concrete operational solutions you have ongoing prosperity.  For 25+ years I’ve built personalities into recognizable brands, leveraged pioneering startups with strategic partners and developed household names for product companies.


How I Work

As a business architect every project is its own story.  Initializing operational structures gets to the root of what your brand and message is. Brainstorming Go-to-Market strategies with my clients reflects the direction they want their future to look like.

I craft stories that build ongoing relationships with customers, end users and other core groups to develop interactive dialogues. Compelling visual and written content shapes modern memories. Campaigns are orchestrated interactively. Experiential events, social media, promo and PR work as one unit. marketing consulting and acts as a go-to business advisor for early and late stage startups in the consumer playing field.

ek Consulting transforms vision into innovation. It inspires others to monetize this innovation and find new ways to gain marketshare.

Creative Collaborations

Based in Austin, Texas with a New York City sensibility for getting things done, ek Consulting has culled from a pool of talented associates around the world in the fields of design (mechanical, industrial, product, logo, packaging and trade shows), visual (videographers, photographers), editorial (editors, bloggers, copywriters), developers (software, coders, firmware engineers) and everything in between.

    ek Consulting represents people who run businesses in fields that ignite the senses — consumer lifestyle and luxury goods, retail, food/restaurant, travel, arts, publishing and media.


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