Hi there, I’m Elise Krentzel, founder of elise krentzel consulting.

I deliver high output PR and Marketing Communications.

Who I Serve

I serve arts, design, non-profit and entertainment industry innovators and creators of beautiful objects, environments, and art forms. As a result of having worked with a wide range of businesses in all phases of their growth – from international established big named brands to first-time startups, my go-to-market advice is a proven success, case after case

What I Do

I connect the dots by developing sustainable marketing communications strategies to reach key customers. My clients gain and expand their existing market share. I create content from product naming, taglines to blogs, press releases, sales marketing materials, and email drip campaigns to form modern memories. I produce experiences which bring in high volume sales.

How I Do It

I transform brand vision into innovation and inspire others to monetize this innovation. The core of all innovation rests within the soul of the creator. I excavate that core, refine it and hold it to the light for all to admire. It’s a personalized process and I work hand in hand with my clients as their fractional marketing communications and public relations department.

Marketing Strategy & Communication Concepts

I deliver big-picture marketing strategies and communication concepts with uber-creativity as a result of having traveled overseas most of my life. Probably because I seek out the unusual, I have a sensitive nose to scout out talent. I lived in Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and on the Riviera, so I have a wide girth of experiences to cull from.

A Colorful Career Path

I’ve had more than nine lives because my career has taken me on an amazing journey of self-discovery. I started as a music journalist, then went on to run a talent and booking agency in Japan. Most noteworthy is that I introduced punk rock to the market. Afterward, I founded then sold the first digital travel publishing concern in Europe and ran the internet division of the European HQ of a worldwide ad agency. In between, I wrote a book and gave birth to my one and only love child. Later on, I turned inwards to discover “small is best”. I founded elise krentzel consulting in 2008. Born in NYC, I currently reside in Austin, Texas (my 6th country).

Being Grateful

I am extremely grateful for the wonderful clients I serve. Their success is my crowning achievement. Nothing makes me happier than making them money and assisting them to grow their business to heights they’ve only imagined.

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