Hi there, I’m Elise Krentzel, founder of elise krentzel PR consulting.

We deliver high output PR and Marketing Communications.

Who We Serve

We serve arts, design, non-profit and entertainment industry innovators and creators of beautiful objects, environments, and art forms. As a result of having worked with a wide range of businesses in all phases of their growth – from international established big named brands to first-time startups, our go-to-market public relations advice has a proven track record.

What We Do

We connect the dots by developing fun and eccentric marketing communications strategies to reach your key customers. We create content — product naming, taglines to blogs, press releases, sales marketing materials, and email drip campaigns to form modern memories. Then produce experiences to bring in big bucks and visibility.

How We Do It

We transform brand vision into innovation and inspire our clients to monetize this innovation. The core of all innovation rests within the soul of the creator. By excavating that core, refining and redefining it, we bring an entirely new viewpoint to the forefront.

Developing Marketing Strategy & Communication Concepts

We deliver big-picture marketing strategies and communication concepts with uber-creativity as a result of our innate curiosity and child-like approach to the world. We purposely seek out the unusual and unusually talented.

Being Grateful

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful clients we serve. Their success is our crowning achievement. Nothing makes us happier than making them money and assisting in their long term business growth to heights they’ve only imagined.

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